Project “Living next to the road”. Arusha region, Tanzania, December 2017

 © RicardMN Photography

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I took these photographs in Tanzania, next to the roads of the Arusha region, in December 2017.

Along the route, I could see many people walking along the road and the sides of the road were full of activity when crossing the villages or their vicinity.

Many stores that sell phone credit, drinks and snacks emerge. There are stalls selling fish, fruits, roots, vegetables, spices, pots, pans, brooms or car parts. People gather, play, go to the car and motorcycle workshops or to the beauty salon, buy in stores, wait for the bus …

Some young people sit with their bikes talking and smoking while people pass by. Other people come to look for a telephone credit, to buy, or simply they are at the door of their house spending their time and protecting themselves from the sun under a tree or an umbrella.

The contrast between the traditional and the modern is remarkable, the rural is mixed with the urban and the primitive with technology.

By RicardMN Photography

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