Kodak Brownie Starlet whit flash unit

© RicardMN Photography

© RicardMN Photography

Camera: Kodak Brownie Starlet
Manufacturer: Eastman Kodak Co
Origin: USA & France (This version is from France)
Produced: July 1957 – June 1962
Lens: Dakon, Plastic
Focal Length: 50 or 60mm by estimate
Aperture: 13 Color / 14 B&W (EV values)
Filter Available: No
Shutter Speed: About 1/30 or 1/60s by estimate
Shutter: Rotary, Guillotine type, Behind-the-lens
Shutter Release: Lever, Cable release
Self Timer: No
Focus Mode: Fixed focus
Exposure Metering / Control: No
Shooting Modes: Point-and-shoot
Exposure Count: On film through red window on back of camera
Multiple Exposure: No
Viewfinder: Viewfinder
Film Advance / Rewind: Uncoupled Manual, Winding knob
Film Release Button: Lever to open the bottom of the camera
Film / Aspect Ratio / Framing: 127 film / 1:1 (4x4cm)
ASA/ISO Range / DIN: Takes all ASA
Flash: PC connector
Battery: No
Tripod Socket: No
Carrying Strap: Socket for Neck strap
Material: Plastic
Dimensions (l, h, d): 93 x 88 x 60 mm
Weight: 145g

The Brownie Starlet was a simple plastic fixed focus camera made by Kodak starting in 1957. It was one of the very successful “star” series of Brownies.

The Kodak Brownie Starlet is one model of the star series.

The Starlet comes with a few minor differences, the red lever indicates that it’s from France while the grey is from US. The Brownie or sometimes Kodak branding are mostly placed at the left (as mine above) but on some placed at the right, I’m not sure whether these differences depends on if it’s made in the US or France or if it’s various annual volumes, but it’s still the same camera. This model continued as the Brownie Bullet II camera from 1961. There is a Kodak Brownie Starlet II model which differ a bit in the body and are more angular built. (Information from cameramaniacs.com)

Canvas, framed, acrylic and metal prints / Art prints / Greeting cards / Phone cases / Throw pillows

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