Ferrania Elioflex Camera

© RicardMN Photography

© RicardMN Photography

The Ferrania Elioflex is a 6×6 pseudo TLR, released about 1950. The camera has a folding hood with an oversized with an oversized Brilliant finder. Incorporated into the hood cover is a fold-out, expandable wire-frame sports viewfinder. The taking lens is a 85mm f8 Galileo Monog. The camera was produced in black, blue and green leatherette. Manufacturer: Ferrania. Origin: Italy.

Italian company Ferrania, founded in 1923, is known mainly as a producer of film, but they produced some cameras as well. They are also involved in various other areas related to photography such as printing. The company was purchased in 1964 by the 3M company. Some Ferrania cameras made by Dacora in Germany. The series of Ferrania Condor cameras was made by Galileo and distributed by Ferrania or Galileo.

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