Old bellows camera ‘Glunz’ Model 1

© RicardMN Photography

© RicardMN Photography

Folding plate camera ‘Glunz’ model 1
Manufacturer/make: Glunz
Type: Plate / bellows camera
Country of origin: Hannover, Germany, c1921-1925
Type of film: Glass plate
Negative size: 9×12 cm
Material: Metalworking
Viewfinder: brilliant waist-lever finder
Body: Wood
Color: Black
Lens: Extra Rapid Aplanat 1:7,7. F 13,5 cm Glunz & Son, Hannover
Shutter: Vario AGC

Glunz was a camera company in Hannover. It is mainly known for its 9x12cm folding plate cameras. Maybe company founder Glunz was the former partner of Glunz & Bülter.

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