Berlin from the Victory Column

© RicardMN Photography

© RicardMN Photography

The Großer Tiergarten and Berlin skyline, from the Victory Column. Berlin, Germany.
The Großer Tiergarten, simply known as Tiergarten, is an urban public park of Germany located in the middle of Berlin, completely in the homonymous locality. The park is of 210 hectares (520 acres); and among urban gardens of Germany, only the Englischer Garten of Munich (417 ha/1,030 acres) is larger.
Großer Tiergarten (literally in English: big animal garden) was originally a hunting reserve of the Prince-electors, then transformed, from 1830 by Peter Joseph Lenné, into a modern urban park. During the period 1961–1989 its eastern borders were crossed by the Berlin Wall. In the northerly neighbouring quarter of Moabit a much smaller park bears the same name, thus both are differentiated as Großer and Kleiner Tiergarten.
Tiergarten has around 210 Hectares and after Tempelhofer Tempelhofer Freiheit, it is the second biggest parkland in Berlin and the third biggest inner-city parkland in Germany.

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