Cruceiro In Galicia

© RicardMN Photography

© RicardMN Photography

Cruceiro (stone crucifix) in Combarro, Galicia, Spain. 

Cruceiros (stone crosses) are placed at crossroads or near chapels, churches and cemeteries. Castelao said that a stone cross is a “pardon from heaven”, because according to the great Galician writer, stone crosses are built to obtain forgiveness for a sin. Since in Galicia there are around 12,000 stone crosses, our flaws must be many. But it is also said that the stone crosses protect travellers, so for those who journey through these lands their protection is guaranteed. 

Combarro is an unmatched example of Galician folk architecture and it’s considered one of the best preserved villages in Galicia. Its remarkable urban cluster was declared set of artistic interest due to its unique charm. It feels like stepping into a magical and genuine Galician folk architecture village. A traditional fishing village where it seems time has stopped and one of the most beautiful and charming of the Galician coast. 

Its name come from comb which means hollow, valley, camber of the coast. The village is placed on a crescent-shaped bedrock cambered in its ends by the beaches of Padron and the now missing beach of Chousa. 
The old town was built to adapt to the lifestyle of its residents: sailors and farmers. The traveler can contemplate how its more than 30 granaries are aligned on the granite base that shapes the coast and reach the shoreline. 
It is in the wall surrounding the old town where these granaries are embedded. Besides this, and due to its singular mix of farming and fishing activities, in Combarro these granaries are used as dryer places for anchovies, sardines and other kind of fish typical of the R�a. That is why these granaries built by the sea are so exceptional in comparison with those typical Galician granaries built to save farmer’s crops. Also, because of the Galician belief of protection, we can find in Combarro many peculiar architectural elements called ‘cruceiros’, located in squares and crossroads.

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